How Nway Construction Management Software Can Help You Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

Construction based projects are often complex and huge and managing them is easier said than done. A project manager requires innovative ideas to manage crew, material and need to minimize costs, and ensure that projects run within deadlines.

So, when it comes to the current and upcoming trends in the construction domain, we need a software application to run our construction business to get maximum profit. The objective of software applications is to bring efficiency in the accomplishment of tasks and projects with minimum effort.

In particular, construction companies have started to leverage the technological tool Construction Management Software. Our construction ERP software helps you to get ahead of your business competitors, but how. Read the blog to get a better understanding of how Nway Construction Management Software can help you stay ahead of industry trends.

Finance Management with Nway ERP Software

The entire transaction of account money is managed by the Account module in the Nway ERP software. This module covers all the accounting needs of construction companies, including expenses, balance sheets, ledger, budgets, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management, etc. It enables optimizing accounting, integrating payroll, procurement, business development, project planning, and execution. All this necessary financial data is available with a single click in the Account module.

Project Management

All the sites are centralized in one place and keep track of all the work going on different construction sites to eliminate the pending culture in your organization and lead to a healthy project life cycle. The Construction Project Management module monitors subcontractors and raises customer bills, vendor bills, and monthly job-cost reports. Go as planned and receive timely pending work alerts and glitches throughout the project life cycle.

HR & Payroll Management

HR and Payroll module is designed to manage all processes such as recruitment, statutory payroll processing, HR operations, on-boarding processes, labour management, document management, report joining, and severance or exit procedures.

Inventory Management

Inventory and Materials Management (MM) is the system of planning and controlling all efforts required to ensure that the correct quality and quantity of materials are properly specified on time. With the help of the material and inventory management module in the NWAY ERP software dashboard, you can manage your inventory and raw material as per your requirement and utilize them as per your plan. The Inventory Management module also manages a construction company’s entire material procurement and store operations.

Planning & Estimation with Nway ERP Software

Be prepared for unexpected changes by analysing past reports to sense frequent disruptions and mark your budget limits with timely alerts when limits are exceeded. Planning and Estimating Module in Construction ERP software helps effectively in making estimation and scheduling of resource requirements such as raw material, heavy machinery, labour, and equipment throughout the project. Ensures that a project is an achievable, measurable, specific, relevant, and timely manner. Share plans and ideas with customized groups in a centralized system, making it a more accountable and federated system.

So today you learned how Nway Construction ERP software helps you stay ahead of industry trends, share if you liked the post.