Nway is Serving over

06+ Industry Specific Solutions


The Process we follow to customize

NWAY has proven it self in providing Industry Specific Solutions which matches with frequency of Running Business operations in your Enterprise. NWAY is serving over 6+ Industries which makes it the most desirable in its group. Customization is a process which is performed on software to make it better and to match your needs and to make it beneficial for the whole Company


  • Examine the whole Business Process and Gather Requirements and the need to Customize, Change or upgrade.
  • Analyze the Pros and Cons of the Outcomes and Conclude the Changes and Customizations
  • Add the Customized Resulits to software


  • Define the new work flow caused due to the Customization
  • Start Developing
  • Customized Software is ready to go in Implement phase


  • Provide Training on newly added Features
  • Go live and Support