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Staff Deployment

Resourcing for every need within your organisation is often not economically viable. A project may require skills that don’t exist in the team, The complexity of IT is increasing, making technical skill sets an almost business critical issue. Our Onsite & Deployment Engineering offers customers an alternative approach to in-house resourcing, with a flexible mechanism for covering the expertise needed by your organisation, on a time frame that matches your projects provides accredited engineers to fulfill operational needs, over a flexible time frame.

  • NWAY follows two types of Deployment Strategies which is Permanent and Temporary
  • In Permanent Staffing we recruit and send an Consultant who is and Expert at ERP to for your company Permanently.
  • Temporary deployment is done to make the work flow of the company smooth if it is suffering through some issues while running the ERP
  • We are a Professional Deploying firm which consist of 200+ ERP consultants deployed at various sites
  • We deploy Skilled Professionals for specific Departments to keep the whole deployment Managed
  • Dedicated Deploym,ent team to ensure the ERP is matching the work flow