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Real-time availability and inspection with anonymous Attendance management

HR & Payroll Management Software for India

Automate your HR functionalities from manual to reflect and support the broader organization and its strategic objectives. NWAY Human resource management software is among the top companies that provide the best HRM software in India. Our human resource software is designed to keep your widespread workforce informed about the transition, support awareness, and adoption in the organization and It serves industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, education, automobile, BFSI, hospitality, logistics, etc.

Why NWAY Human Resource Management System Software in India

There are almost thousands of HR management software available in the market but some extra and best features make it different from others. NWAY HR Management Software System is one of them as they provide additional features to their clients as compared to other software in the market so that they can manage their business smoothly. Our cloud based HRMS makes it possible for HR managers to better allocate their time and resources to be more productive, and profitable and it is one of the best human resource management software for your organization and provides all the functions to optimize HR processes.

Keep a track of Workers

Where it all Starts from

  • Keep a track of Workers on the field.
  • Categorize the employees as Temporary and Permanent on the basis of their skills and allow them jobs.
  • Track daily wage workers and their safety.
  • Add and search employee from anywhere on a single platform.
  • Manage the daily shifts of employees at your finger tips.
  • Daily and monthly attendance management for the Permanent and Temporary Employees.
Access the workers present today at real-time

Attendance Management

  • Access the workers present today at real-time.
  • Manage In time and Out time of an employee to manage his work performance and stress levels at field.
  • Real-time on duty approvals related to In time and Out time.
  • Add overtime and multiple overtime calculation.
  • Manage attendance month wise, day wise, and employee wise with summarized attendance reports.
  • Collaborate the Employee punch machine data and access it month wise and employee wise.
Allot leaves to employees as per there Department and designation

Leave Management

  • Allot leaves to employees as per there Department and designation.
  • Allot and deduct leaves on a monthly and yearly basis.
  • Keep a track of application for leaves and keep a substitute employee ready beforehand.
  • HR can approve and reject leaves from wherever you are.
  • Create a salary on the basis of leaves taken and leaves transfer.
Salary Calculation and Salary list

Payroll Management

  • Add loan and advance amount as per the employee’s interface.
  • PT deduction, TDS deduction, TDS exemption.
  • Salary Calculation and Salary list.
  • Tour planning and expenses.
  • Approve and reject advances.
  • Adjust reimbursement money.
  • Pre-process salary for employees with short hours deduction amount, Leave process Half day and Full day leave verification, Incentive calculation, Leave transfer, Leave encashment, Leave allotment through attendance.
employee can create and access his/her own profile in real-time

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • An employee can create and access his/her own profile in real-time.
  • View all the necessary documents related to Appointment Letters, Leaves, Resignations, Agreements, etc.
  • An employee can apply for leave applications and keep a record of leaves taken with proper reason and substitute employees.
  • Leaves, Over Time and On Duty will be authorized and approved by the supervisor.
Specify employee category as per their skills and jobs

Muster HR

  • Specify employee category as per their skills and jobs.
  • Manage employee attendance daily or employee wise.
  • Calculate salary for daily wage employees with the help of working hours and shifts.
  • Keep a track of employees working on a field.
  • Custom forms so that every time a visitor or contractor attends your site they must provide permit information and details regarding the purpose of their visit, along with confirmation that they have been site inducted.
Candidate registration and CV applications


  • Candidate registration and CV applications.
  • Classify the candidates if they have appeared before in placement.
  • Schedule the Interviews.
  • Send SMS and Alerts to Employees for interviews.

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