Store & Inventory Management
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Construction Inventory Software

Construction organizations can track and manage their inventory more efficiently by using Construction Inventory Software. This software can monitor purchase orders, inventory levels, and other crucial information. Additionally, it assists in automating and streamlining the inventory management procedure, guaranteeing that the appropriate supplies and resources are available when required. By using Construction inventory management software, companies can save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Another benefit is the precise and prompt reporting of inventory levels and other essential performance indicators. Construction inventory software can also provide better insights into customer demand, enabling construction companies to adjust their inventory levels accordingly.

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Execute it as Planned

Materials Management (MM) is the system for planning and controlling all of the efforts necessary to ensure that the correct quality and quantity of materials are properly specified in a timely manner, are obtained at a reasonable cost and most importantly are available at the point of use when required. Poor materials management can result in increased costs during construction. Efficient management of materials can result in substantial savings in project costs.

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Material Financial Planning

  • Access Multiple stores at various locations through an integrated platform.
  • Avoid Redundancy by the one-time formation of items, item groups, item trees and item racks and re use in multiple store sections and Modules.
  • Define transport rates and store sections for Estimating and Budgeting with predefined units for items. Plan and create your vendor list as per priority for proper evaluation and selection.
  • The material can be scheduled for the work order of the machines in-store section.
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Material Procurement Schedule

  • Schedule the material usage and deliveries by understanding the needs of multiple departments through a centralized system.
  • Multilevel role-based authorization system to rectify the purpose behind material requisitions and prevent the wastage of material and cost.
  • Define timeline and alerts to Approve and Reject material requests for optimizing the productivity of project Completion.
  • Avoid wastage and Increase efficiency by accessing multiple stores database from a centralized point leading towards reusability of material and reduced project costs.
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Material Supply Chain

  • Inspect the received and pending items on the basis predefined parameters, Generate and send the GRN from wherever you want.
  • Link Purchase Order to GRN.
  • Analyzed Reports like Material wastage report, Monthly Item Comparison, GRN Reports, PO Reports, designed to ease up the process of inspection.
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Inventory Control and Waste Management

Inventory Control or Waste Management are critical elements of any successful construction business. To ensure a project’s success, proper inventory control and waste management must be in place.
NWAY construction material management software provides an adequate supply of materials and tools on hand to meet the project’s needs. Inventory management software for the construction industry tracks the materials and tools used on a project, determining the most cost-effective storage and disposal methods and ensuring that all parties involved are aware of their responsibilities. It includes contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Implementing effective inventory management practices allows construction projects to be completed on time and within budget.