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Absolute solution for controlling and organizing a full construction life cycle. Obtain a better perspective towards project management involving multiple projects at multiple sites.



Best Construction ERP Software in India

Take your project tendering to new heights with the best Construction Software Solution. We provide all-in-one business management software solutions for managing construction companies to eliminate time-consuming, manual & labour-intensive processes and help contractors and builders to update capital projects effectively and efficiently throughout the business project lifecycle. NWAY Construction ERP Systems is a specialized business software built for the unique needs of construction enterprises.

Construction Industry ERP Challenges

  • Tighter construction budgets and timelines.
  • Secured transactions with role-based access.
  • Technology adoption, unskilled labour and labour shortages.
  • Our training and support team helps with full implementation and staff deployment.
  • Relying on manual processes.
  • A fully cloud-based system with automated reports.
  • Multiple site management on multiple locations.
  • Access multiple sites from one location.
  • Total count of Assets, Resources and labour.
  • Real-time access to Inventory from any part of the world.
  • Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Plan Service schedules for Equipment and Assets and get notified on due dates.

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NWAY ERP Software for Construction Industry in India

NWAY Construction Management Software is an integrated cloud-based ERP solutions that enables contractors to manage their entire business from a single platform. It is designed to help general contractors streamline operations and make decisions faster while improving accuracy and efficiency. The software includes modules for financial management, project management, job costing, inventory control, and more. With NWAY ERP for Construction Industry, contractors can easily manage their projects, track materials and labor, and generate accurate analytics.

Our Construction ERP Software is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system that is built for the unique needs of construction and manufacturing companies. NWAY Software Solution is the best ERP solution for construction businesses because It is reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and provides unlimited user licenses. It offers features like construction accounting, document management, CRM, asset management, and more. It helps streamline operations, improve customer service, and boost productivity. NWAY ERP software also includes powerful reporting capabilities, allowing contractors to gain insights into their business operations. The software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each contractor, and it is designed to be easy to use and understand. Our ERP Software for Construction Industry in India also gives contractors real-time access to their data to make decisions quickly and accurately.

Benefits of ERP Software in Construction Industry

  • Optimizing Planning
  • Streamlining Project Management
  • Accurate Cost & Revenue Estimation
  • Quick data transfer or Exchange of Information
  • Efficiency in Decision-Making Process
  • Increase ROI
  • Digital Documentation
  • Improved Reporting and Planning
  • Enhanced Business Reporting
  • Secure Communication
  • Performance and Productivity Monitoring
  • Project Scheduling and Re-scheduling

Why Choose NWAY ERP Software for Business Management?

As any business grows, the workload of its organization management team also increases significantly. Investing in ERP software helps that industry handle all of its business operations in a single platform to manage the business and improve operational efficiency, increase an organization's productivity, and ensure customer success. NWAY offers a variety of integrated software solutions to assist you in all aspects of managing your business. Let's find out the below benefits:

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Simplify Construction ERP Software Process with Multiple Modules

In an Enterprise Resource Planning software, there are many significant key modules that exist and each module has a unique value and it works in regards to the improvement of that organization. The main modules of an ERP system for your industry are given below that is helpful for your business success.

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