The Benefits of Cloud ERP During The Covid-19 ERA

The COVID-19 pandemic is not stopping our businesses Instead it has enclosed the new state of work. With the power of cloud ERP technology, we have ensured business continuity, which means we are easily accessing our business systems from anywhere at any time and working in isolation without being Isolated. Cloud data has become more secure than ever.

In fact, it’s been around for decades, and the many benefits of working remotely have already been felt by both sides of the business equation: flexibility, time-savings, increased job satisfaction, less stress, enhanced creativity for employees; higher productivity, reduced operating costs, fewer geographical restrictions for hiring new employees, and lower turnover rates for employers.

In this article though, we will focus on the cloud-based ERP solutions by looking at their benefits to the businesses, considering the ongoing pandemic.

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list of benefits.
  • Cost Saving

    Cloud-based ERP software mainly consists of a monthly or subscription service. Since the system is run through the web, the business owner doesn’t need to invest in physical assets, which means you are saving money that could be directed to other areas of the business to fight the effects of the pandemic on your business. Remote workers can use ERP because they need a single source of real-time, accurate data. The system effectively reduces administrative and operations costs by allowing employees to manage business activities proactively and help them make the right decision quickly.

  • Social Distancing

    In remote working, workers may distance themselves from social interactions and gatherings in the offices as one is having precaution in the current pandemic.

  • Improved Communications

    To finish their daily tasks, ERP is accessible even for remote workers. It offers easy access to information wherever the employees are if there is a reliable internet connection. Employees from several divisions can communicate with each other because they have the same information on a real-time basis. They experience a boost in their productivity, and they can collaborate efficiently without waiting for accurate data.

  • Flexibility

    Cloud-based ERP software is also flexible in that the backup is automated. And if there is an occurrence of natural disasters, the systems give an inherent plan for restart since production data, as well as the production system, are still available and accessible. When you compare with on-premise ERPs, businesses have to send data to manually backup the data or send it to a reserve site to realize the same benefit.

  • Increased ERP Performance

    In the case of an on-premise ERP solution, you need to properly set up and maintain everything needed to function efficiently. But with a cloud-based solution, the provider will be the one taking care of hosting the solution. And with the knowledge that your system is being maintained by an expert not only gives you some peace of mind but you are also assured that your ERP should perform at its peak performance. This is exactly what your business needs to have considering all the other disruptions that have been experienced due to the pandemic.

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