Overcome the Crucial Challenges in Store & Inventory Management in the Construction Business

In the construction business, managing stock and inventory is a very difficult task, even sometimes we don’t understand that our stock is about to run out or it gets exhausted and due to this our construction work stops. If you want to avoid this kind of problem in your business, use our best Construction ERP Software system to manage stock and inventory. With the help of this ERP software, you will never face such type of problem in your construction business and your work will never stop anymore. So today we will learn about this ERP software and how it can help in your business to manage stock and inventory so that you will never face the problem of stock.

1. Execute Your Plan

With the help of ERP software, you can manage your material or stock inventory according to you and execute it as you planned. Inventory management is the planning and controlling on all the effort required to manage stock inventory and ensure that the correct quality and quantity of stock and material are properly specified on time, received at a reasonable cost, and available at point of use when required. Poor inventory management can increase the cost of construction but with the help of ERP software, there can be considerable savings in project cost.

2. Material Financial Planning

  • You can view multiple stocks from your single dashboard and at any location so that you can keep an eye on your stocks at all times.
  • Avoid redundancy by forming items, item groups and item racks one time and reusing across multiple construction sites.
  • Define transportation rates and store sections to estimate and budget with predefined units for items. Plan and build your vendor list as per priority for proper evaluation and selection.
  • Materials can be scheduled for work orders in the machine in the store section.

3. Material purchase schedule

  • Determine the use and distribution of materials by understanding the needs of multiple departments through a centralized system.
  • Multilevel role-based authorization system to improve the objective behind material requirement and prevent wastage of material and cost.
  • Define stock inventory timelines and alerts for approving and rejecting content requests to increase the productivity of project completion.
  • Avoid wastage and increase efficiency by accessing multiple store databases from a single dashboard for reusability of materials and reduce project costs.

4. Material Supply Chain

  • The ERP software will inspect the received items based on predefined parameters and generate GRN and send it wherever it is desired.
  • Analysis report with the help of ERP software like Waste report, Monthly item comparison, GRN report, PO report etc and it is designed to ease the process of inspection.
  • Simplify the process of material transfer and storage by pre-assembling items rack in-store at multiple locations using a seamless database.

These were some of the Inventory Management features of the software that keep complete information about the stock of your construction business and also give you alerts so that your construction work will never stop.