NWAY ERP- Best Construction ERP Software Solution Provider

ERP software is a business solution that provides powerful analytics using data from various construction processes such as financial management, contractor management, inventory management, human capital management, project management, vendor management, asset management, and more.

Construction ERP software integrates different software systems into single comprehensive solution to help construction managers to effectively manage the full life cycle of a project.

Our best ERP software for construction industry includes unlimited user license

All the company gives license for a limited user and cover incomplete information but in our ERP construction software, we provide you with unlimited user license access so that you can keep your entire customer and user data in it and you will be able to see the report accurately and get complete information about your construction business. As your organization grows, you can have unlimited number of projects at any location and have payroll generation for thousands of employees at ease and no extra cost.

Mobile App Integration in ERP Software for Construction Industry

Nway ERP provides you the best Mobile app integration service so that you can connect all your devices to view reports accurately, get better results and improve construction company productivity. Mobile app integration helps you turn your mobile phone into a communication tool so that you can easily do voice calling, video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and report analysis at your construction site and providing a seamless experience to employees and users. This facility of our ERP on Mobile App or Tablet, is very much needed where your project sites have limited facilities to provide a full fledge office and desktops.

Up to date with all the information

In Nway ERP construction management software we keep up to date with all the information of construction site because the ERP system continuously receives information from each construction site and gives us instant updates, this provides a huge advantage, as it enables us to make the right decisions and we can improve or expand the productivity of the construction business

Apart from this, there are many other uses of our ERP construction software, which you can read below,
  • Monitors inventory levels – It monitors the inventory level so that you can deliver the construction raw materials at the right time.
  • Alerts when stock is low – It will alert you in advance if your stock is about to run out or has run out so that you don’t let the work stop.
  • Tracks & traces materials used – It gives you complete information about the raw materials procured for construction. If you want to open it from any place, then you can see all the reports accurately.
  • Compares Quotation from Vendors – Our Nway ERP software for construction
  • Bulk Upload Facility – Unlike other ERPs, where there are huge transactions, Nway ERP provide bulk facility of import for various Departments.

The Nway ERP software for construction can make operations go faster and smoother, cut down costs while reducing the manual workload.