Grow your Construction Business in India with NWAY ERP Software

Construction ERP Software streamlines and automates all operations and helps organizations grow their businesses. The use of ERP software in the construction industry offers various solutions with benefits and take care of all department such as Financial Management, Purchase Management, HR & Payroll Management, Accounting Management, Store and Inventory Management, and Service Operations in a single dashboard. It also helps to cut down extra costs and errors as compared to humans, grow efficient production, and create smart strategies to achieve the best productivity and increase profitability.

NWAY Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed a highly user-friendly ERP software for India to grow construction businesses and it has unlimited features to explore and enhance productivity. So today, we will learn how to grow your construction business in India with NWAY ERP software.

1. Project Management in NWAY ERP Software

The Project Management module in our ERP software helps you manage your construction projects, create strategies, plan, schedule projects, and many more. It also includes various types of processes used in the construction industry and centralized all the construction sites with a single dashboard to track all the tasks going on multiple sites, eliminating pending tasks and receiving timely pending task alerts to make the project successful.

2. Labour Management

The construction industry has very heavy work and requires huge labour and managing all labour is a very crucial part but with the help of the labour management module in NWAY ERP Software, you can do that. The main objective of our Labour Management module in our software helps you to maintain daily wages, contractors and subcontractor details, employee performance, on-site with their shifts, overtime, in time, out time, total working hours, employee attendance, and employee safety and many more.

3. Plant and Production Management

In the Plant and Production module, you can manage the cost of materials, labour, and construction process at its current level. It allows flexibility in time and order quantity through interrelated modules like Store, Purchase, Machinery, Finance, and HR to monitor wastage for reusability and cost reduction. It helps managers to create tax templates easily on production, send quotations to buyers, maintain buyers’ lists, schedule sales, approve and reject sales orders, create sales invoices, and many more.

4. Purchase Management

There is a lot of purchasing in the construction business and it is very difficult to handle all these purchases together. With the help of the Purchase module in ERP software, you can review all your purchases at the same time, anywhere, and anytime without thinking about the decision to buy a specific product. In Our ERP software, you can send, receive and compare quotations from multiple vendors in real-time, generate PO through multiple ways, approval and rejection of Purchase orders, and many more.