Construction Project Management – Project Initiation – Planning – Execution – Monitoring and Controlling – Project Closure

CPM (Construction Project Management) is the activity of managing construction projects. But when it comes to managing a construction project in contrast to other types of projects, the distinction is mostly that construction is target-based and manages resources over the life cycle. Apply various tools and methodologies to control scope, cost, time, quality, etc.

CPM (Construction Project Management) is required for simple home building to large complex bridge construction, from engineering a dam build to a road project. Contractors manage the complete process cycle of a project build, often managing on-site to ensure safe, successful construction.

Construction Process
Different process in Construction

Construction Project Management Tools

You need the right tool to manage construction Projects successfully. Nway ERP provides construction project planning, estimating, scheduling, vendor management, procurement & cost management in construction projects, and tons of features to work more effectively & efficiently.

When you work with interactive construction ERP solution like construction project management become much easier. It provides you with a platform on which you can collaborate and provide a platform to your team and the tracking process become easier.

NWAYERP has a construction management solution that has the following features.

  • Cloud-Based
  • Gantt Chart
  • BOQ
  • Material Consumed
  • Daily Progress Reports DPR
  • Management Dashboard
  • Contractor Management
  • Online Document Storage
  • Email Alerts
  • Mobile App

Gantt Chart in the Construction Industry

Construction Gantt charts show a clear picture and a graphical illustration with a colored bar makes user easy to plan, schedule, manage, and communicate their construction planning so everyone’s working toward the same project goal. It provides construction teams and project managers with a thorough overview of the project’s status, allowing for effective planning, coordination, and scheduling. Gantt charts assist in identifying important paths, potential bottlenecks, and resource allocation by decomposing complicated projects into smaller tasks and assigning them specific start and end dates. The ability to successfully manage resources, reduce risks, and achieve project deadlines is provided by this. Gantt charts give teams the tools they need to organize their efforts, improve communication, and produce successful results whether they are working on a minor refurbishment or a sizable building project.

Construction Gantt chart
Gantt chart for the construction industry

Bill of Quantity (BOQ) in Construction Project Management

The Bill of Quantities BOQ is a scope document prepared by a consultant in which materials, parts, and labor and their costs are itemized that provides project-specific quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

Bill of Quantity
Bill of Quantity in Construction

Construction Project Manage Daily Progress Reports (DPR)

A daily progress report is a document generated at the project on a day-to-day basis to collect various data and monitor activities conducted at various projects. It is the best document & tool to watch all resources i.e. material, labor machinery, and plant performing exactly the same as they are scheduled to perform to achieve the project goal successfully.

Daily Progress Report
Daily Progress Report for construction