Stone Crusher Management Software

Inspect processes in real-time at a single platform which integrates all the modules which includes Machinery, Accounting, Warehouse, Production and Manufacturing, Labour Management to achieve estimated quality production and sales



Stone Crusher Industry Challenges

  • View real-time expenses and income.
  • Capability to meet all the accounting and financial needs of an organization.
  • Machine effort turnover.
  • Regulate inspection cycles of machines to improve performance with fleet and machinery management module.
  • Communicate between multiple sites and departments.
  • Manage and Collaborate between warehouses at various sites with a Cloud platform.
  • Achieve estimated sales.
  • Approve and reject orders s for sales with CRM.
  • Difficult to manage an anonymous and large workforce with safety.
  • Muster HR module manages each users information with ease.
  • Unaware of the Ongoing processes leading towards unwanted obstacles.
  • Real-time approvals and rejections.
  • Government norms, permits and licenses.
  • Get timely renewal notifications for permits and licenses.

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Stone Crusher

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Simplify Stone Crusher Management Software Process with Multiple Modules

In an Enterprise Resource Planning software, there are many significant key modules that exist and each module has a unique value and it works in regards to the improvement of that organization. The main modules of an ERP system for your industry are given below that is helpful for your business success.

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